When you in Lycia do as Lycian way. You can experience the Mount Musa, Olympos and Gelidonia Light House routes of The Lycian Way with amazing views and pine forest atmosphere.


Padi diving school:



Is it Hot over there Try goin down under water. You can do either discover diving or attend one of the international valid Padi certificate diving courses with profesional instructor in amazing deep blue of Adrasan water.

Boat and fishing trips:



Join the blue cruises, see the beauty of green and blue or throw the fishhook to the see and wait for your luck to come Both relaxing and peaceful experiences get done by Professional staff

Rock Climbing:



When adrenalin calls You can discover the rock climbing or take a Climbing Course from our proffesional guides.




It is possible to be a bird in Adrasan. Experience flying from 972m Mount Markiz to the adrasan beach

Water Sports:



You will never get bored here. Try ride a banana or sea kayaking or choose from the menu.

Bird Watching:









Sea to Sky: South Turkey gains further attraction Mount Tahtalı, located in Antalya-Kemer, with its height of 2365m is the mountain closest to the sea on the southern coastline of Turkey. Tahtalı embraces the view that surrounds Kemer, adored as a sea and vacation region, which is near the tourism metropolis, Antalya. Olympos is the 2nd highest Mounth of Beydağları National Park and sits on a throne as if a king between Antalya and Finike and is the most dominant mountain of the Beydağları mountain range. This extraordinary adventure, realizes the dream of going up to Tahtalı with the new cableway constructed and rights the slogan "Sea to Sky". The Olympos Aerial Cableway combines the two classic purpose of going on a vacation – the sea and the mountain- uniquely. Mount Tahtalı, aside from being located in an interesting tourism area, gains a quality of becoming a place that you just can't do without visiting, with the newly constructed cableway.